Farm Fresh Candles – Giving Back through Amazing Scents

Missing the scents of your childhood? Visit Tenacity Boutique to purchase Farm Fresh Candles in store. This line of candles with “True to Life” fragrances is made by A Cheerful Giver Company. Each delectably scented candle has its own uniquely designed jar that fits with the theme of the scent. For example, “Balsam Fir” has an image of an antique truck carrying a Christmas tree down a snowy lane, and the “Apple Cider” jar has cute vintage packaging depicting apple and a glass of cider.


We carry mouth-watering scents like “Lemon Butter” and “Candied Fruit,” and we also have nostalgic fragrances like “Holiday Homecoming” and “Cozy Cabin.”


Each ceramic can is double wicked, and the candles are 20 ounces with 100 hours of burn time. The Farm Fresh Candles have a reputation for burning clean. Although the jars are made outside of the U.S., the candles themselves are all made in the USA.


The candles aren’t only attractive, aromatic, and high quality. The Cheerful Giver company partners with several centers to have the entire wicking process completed by mentally challenged adults. They work from as little as 5 minutes a day up to 5 or 6 hours a day, but they all bring home a paycheck and a sense of pride and purpose.


We sell these amazing candles in Tenacity Boutique only, we are unable to ship at this time.

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