Wild Woolies Are For The Birds!

Wild Woolies

Each Wild Woolies Felt Birdhouse has a charming, detailed design, and also supports Tibetian artists. The delightful designs had us exclaiming “They’re adorable!” In this blog post, we’ll share a little more about these unique birdhouses and the company that distributes them.

You may be surprised to learn that although the Wild Woolies birdhouses are made of 100% wool, they are completely functional outside. The hand-felted sheep’s wool is completely natural, which means that rain will shed off the birdhouse just as it sheds off the back of sheep. Another advantage of the hand-felted wool is that it holds its shape.

These felted birdhouses are perfect for shelter and nesting for smaller birds. Wrens, bluebirds, and other small birds like nuthatches have all been observed to spend time in the Wild Woolies birdhouses. Sometimes birds also take wool from the birdhouses to use for their own nests.

Wild Woolies Felted Birdhouse

Note that the colors of your birdhouse will fade after 2-3 months of full sun exposure. Keeping the birdhouse in a more sheltered area will keep birds cooler, too.

The Wild Woolies line is distributed by dZi, which is a wholesale trading partner that imports and markets work from Indian and Nepalese artisans. dZi is a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation. This company pays employees promptly and fairly, supports safe and empowering working conditions, ensures the rights of children, cultivates environmental stewardship, and more!

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