Neon Buddha and Pure Handknit: Ethical Lifestyle Clothing

Neon Buddha And Pure And Company At Tenacity Boutique

For amazing comfort and style that you can feel good about wearing, visit us in Tenacity Boutique or browse online to find clothing from Neon Buddha and its sister company Pure Handknit. Read on to learn why we love both lines and how they do good in the world.


Neon Buddha offers lifestyle clothing that easily transitions from yoga to errands and casual business meetings to lounging at home. The brand has a signature look that often features large buttons, roomy shapes, and asymmetric lines, and whimsical details. The 100% preshrunk cotton blends ensure that your investment will not shrink. You can easily machine wash and dry Neon Buddha apparel.


Pure Handknit is a Canadian fashion design company. Pure Handknit partners with over 4,500 female knitters in Thailand to produce beautiful hand-knit sweaters. Many of the pieces concepts shapes and buttons are similar to the designs you’ll find in the Neon Buddha line.


We’re proud to carry both lines because of their ethical manufacturing practices. Each line follows ethical work standards and provides opportunities for all staff including paid health care, maternity leave, and free English classes.


Whether you’re looking for lifestyle clothing or knit apparel, you can wear Neon Buddha and Pure Handknit pieces with confidence. With styles that are not only fashionable and of the highest quality, but are also made with integrity.

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