Designer Jewelry Makes A Comeback – Uniquely Repurposed

Make a statement while being eco-friendly and philanthropic with our repurposed jewelry. Here at Tenacity Boutique, we carry several brands that feature handcrafted designs made from wire, stones and even repurposed automotive parts

OC Jewelry

OC Jewelry makes a statement with contemporary and unique designs. All of the pieces are crafted by Ofelia Cisneros and her team of Artisans in Salinas, CA. The jewelry is made from lightweight materials, which make the bold pieces comfortable to wear. Many of the necklaces are convertible, which means they come with a 23″ necklace cord and an additional 17″ extension.


Haim Shahar

Haim Shahar’s newest collection isn’t only inspired by the company’s founder. The pieces are made of a 100% lightweight aluminum that’s actually hand-finished in Spain. In order to maintain the standard of quality, the company collaborates with small family run factories in Europe. Haim Shahar offers eco-friendly jewelry made of reclaimed materials, which also include genuine Spanish leather.

Jeff Lieb

This jewelry line is also made in the USA. Jeff Lieb’s handcrafted pieces feature striking metal shapes and sparkly Swarovski crystals. This high fashion jewelry is wearable art, and it will add a unique statement piece to any outfit.


Mend On The Move

Mend on the Move is a Detroit-based brand that sells handcrafted jewelry created by women who’ve survived abuse. Not only that, but the materials are also locally sourced. When you wear one of these pieces, you’ll actually be wearing part of the Motor City since many of the elements are made from small, recycled auto parts.


Make sure to stop by Tenacity Boutique to see what styles we’re currently carrying in each of these brands.

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