Silk Road Bazaar: Discover The Cutest Baby Booties & Beautiful Scarves

Silk Road Bazaar At Tenacity Boutique

We’re excited to carry fair trade products from Silk Road Bazaar at Tenacity. Read on to learn about their darling baby booties and hats and their beautiful silk scarves.

142762-Zooties-PN21-Baby-Whale-Booties 142740-Zooties-SS44-Felted-Silk-Scarf

Looking for an adorable baby gift? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Silk Road Bazaar’s booties and hats. The line is called “Zooties” because each shoe and hat is designed with a cute animal face. You can dress your baby (or your loved one’s baby!) on the “wild” side with an elephant hat or lion booties. If domestic animals are more your thing then you’ll love the bunny booties or the chick hat. The designs are as varied as the animals in a zoo. You’ll find everything from hedgehogs to ladybugs!

142761-Zooties-PN19-Baby-Hedgehog-Booties 142758-Zooties-PN12-Baby-Ladybug-Booties

Zooties items are made of 100% fleeced wool. The hats are machine washable, and they are also lined for comfort.

142757-Zooties-VSH19-Baby-Dalmation-Hat 142770-Zooties-PN61-Baby-Dalmation-Booties

Silk Road Bazaar also carries a line of scarves that make great gifts for adults. The scarves are made of felted silk and wool and are inspired by sights that the artisans would often see, such as the waters, the mysterious cosmos, and village houses along a path. The beautiful designs are lightweight and feel like a soft cloud.

142732-Zooties-SS14-Felted-Silk-Scarf 142736-Zooties-SS40A-Felted-Silk-Scarf-Pea

Each item that Silk Road Bazaar sells is handcrafted in small batches in rural villages of Kyrgyzstan. The company provides opportunities for marginalized artists in Central Asia to sell their creations to other parts of the world. It gives you a unique opportunity to access these traditional crafts and to support the arts while helping to reduce global poverty. Silk Road Bazaar is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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